The Michigan Opportunity Podcast: Ron Hall, President & CEO of Bridgewater Interiors and Doug Del Grosso, President & CEO of Adient

Michigan Economic Development Corporation
January 11, 2023
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As part of a longstanding joint venture, Adient and Bridgewater Interiors employ a manufacturing workforce of 30,000 throughout 31 countries. Listen to Bridgewater President & CEO Ron Hall and Adient President & CEO Doug Del Grosso talk about reshoring, supply chains and manufacturing interior components for 20 million cars annually.

A joint venture at its finest, Adient & Bridgewater Interiors bring unique skill sets and heritage together to manufacture automotive interiors. Jointly, the companies employ nearly 75,000, operate in 31 countries and produce components that go into over 20 million vehicles annually.

Listen to Ron Hall and Doug Del Grosso, as they explain their unique industry, how tiered suppliers work, the joint venture, supply chains issues and disrupters, just in time manufacturing, reshoring, and much more. As both are veterans in the industry, they have the recipe for continued successes.

Listen to the podcast here.

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