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The Michigan Opportunity Podcast: David Wang, CEO & Founder, BEET

Michigan Economic Development Corporation
April 26, 2023
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BEET is a manufacturing software provider with the goal to increase its customers efficiency and through-put. Learn about CEO & Founder David Wang’s journey into manufacturing software and how it will be key in Michigan’s Industry 4.0 future.

As the manufacturing world adopts next generation Industrial 4.0 platforms and tools, CEO David Wang explains how BEET’s industry leading software digitizes every manufacturing motion and simplifies complex factory systems to visualize bottlenecks, maximize throughput and unlock potential.

Hear from David Wang as he discusses his path to America and the journey taken to create this successful software engineering firm. With over a decade of experience in the automation industry, Michigan-based BEET helps companies understand and address constraints in their manufacturing processes and has revolutionized plant floor visibility and the pathways to greater factory efficiency. Founded and grown in the heart of the automotive capital of the world, BEET has become a market leading tool in the transition to smart factories.

Listen to the podcast here.

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