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Teaching Industry 4.0 in the Metaverse

August 21, 2023
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Photo by Laurens Derks on Unsplash

Photo by Laurens Derks on Unsplash


Trainers are relying on the metaverse to teach executives about the power of Industry 4.0. Learn how this Industry 4.0 technology can be deployed as an effective tool for education.

To train for the future of manufacturing, companies can’t rely on the teaching methods of the past. Applications of virtual reality (VR) and the metaverse are opening new frontiers for immersive learning experiences, and industries such as manufacturing are reaping the rewards. Since travel is expensive and time-consuming, and classrooms can be limited in scope, virtual reality (VR) offers a promising alternative to facilitate rich, personal interactions using digital tools. “The goal is not to replicate real life, but to extend it,” explains Gemba CEO, Nathan Robinson. Gemba delivers executive training across industry applications using a VR-based platform. With their masterclasses, the company aims to take advantage of the metaverse, as opposed to simply digitizing what would be done in an in-person classroom.

Welcome to the Metaverse

One of the company’s most popular classes is Leading the Factory of the Future, co-led by Dr. Frank Piller. In the masterclass, Piller leads C-suite executives across industries through establishing and running manufacturing facilities in the era of Industry 4.0.Piller is a leading expert in innovation management and the Chair of the Institute for Technology & Innovation Management at RWTH Aachen University. To date, he has taught the future factories masterclass more than 20 times, both in-person and in the metaverse. “Now, we will never go back to traditional teaching,” said Piller, describing the course’s transition to VR.

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