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Should Manufacturers be prioritizing data analysis?

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March 16, 2022
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The world of Big Data is becoming more and more available to the common manufacturer. Manufacturers who adopt a data-first strategy can begin to reap the benefits that the data can offer their operations.

Now more than ever, manufacturers should be harnessing the value of data to optimise business processes and outcomes with predictive analytics

Poetically put, Jens Beck, Director for IIoT, Analytics, and Innovative Cloud Solutions at Syntax says “optimising the resources needed for a business to stay competitive is a challenge as old as business itself.” But coupling this with today’s soaring prices for raw materials, global competition, talent wars, and shifting customer expectation, “it is of utmost urgency for manufacturers to start using their data to optimise processes and business outcomes in order to stay competitive,” adds Beck.

“Privately, nearly everybody has already arrived in a super digital world, from smart washing machines to smart fridges, speech control and so forth, so why do we have to use paper and spare parts on stock at work? Why do our machines not talk to each other; why do they not tell me when they need maintenance; why do they not tell my service provider in advance when to come and what spare parts to bring? This is simply because digitisation on the shop floor has only just begun. The source to make this all happen is data and especially the digital twin.”

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Industry Reports
Industry Reports

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