Polymath Robotics Launches to Bring Plug-and-Play Autonomy Software to Any Industrial Vehicle

August 25, 2022
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SaaS for industrial robots is here! Check out this new plug-and-play software platform that allows companies to quickly and cost-efficiently automate industrial vehicles.

“Robots suck.”

It’s a bold declaration for a startup founder aiming to work with robots — or more accurately, the software that helps turn a tractor, tiller or forklift into an automated vehicle. But Stefan Seltz-Axmacher, who previously founded and led the now shuttered autonomous vehicle startup Starsky Robotics, is trying to make a point.

“They’re really difficult, they break all the time and getting to a stable product is really hard,” Seltz-Axmacher said in a recent interview. “Everyone kind of ends up building nearly everything from scratch, for nearly every application.”

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