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Mid-market Technology Trends Report

May 31, 2024
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Business as usual isn’t a thing anymore. The 250 mid-market companies Wipfli just surveyed are making use of the newest technologies to support their growth and are looking forward to bringing #AI into their operations.

How is technology changing the middle market?

We surveyed more than 250 c-suite leaders, founders and directors of mid-market companies to understand how technology is reshaping their work. We wanted to know where mid-market companies have invested their innovation dollars so far — and whether their investments have paid off.

Our survey also asked leaders to anticipate their next round of technology investments.

Learn how mid-market executives are approaching the evolving technology landscape, diving into:

Focus areas from the past five years of technology investment.

How technology and innovation have shifted workforce dynamics.

Projections for the next five years of investment and innovation.

Read the Mid-market Technology Trends Report in full here.


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