It's Time to Move Your Business to Michigan. Here's 5 Reasons Why.

Nicole Kampe, Automation Alley
December 11, 2019
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Why expand your business to Michigan? These five reasons below are what we hear most often from our foreign tenants.

Michigan is the place for business

Automation Alley recently welcomed three new tenant companies to our International Business Center, a soft-landing space located at our Troy, Mich. Headquarters that's available for foreign companies to use as a home base for up to 90 days while they explore opportunities to do business in Michigan.

It’s one of the unique features of our facility and it’s always interesting to meet with the employees of these international companies to learn more about why they are choosing Michigan to expand their business.  

Two of our recent tenants are from India. Ayasto Steelpac is a provider of eco-friendly pallet solutions that can deliver huge flexibility, cost savings and cost-efficient reverse logistics. Ariprus is a provider of end-to-end solutions from sensor integration to Big Data platforms for advanced analytics. The third company joining the International Business Center is Autis of Spain, an engineering company engaged in automation and computerized vision systems integration.

In addition to providing these companies with office space, Automation Alley also serves as a resource hub for international companies as they open facilities and hire staff in Michigan.

So, why expand your business to Michigan? These five reasons below are what we hear most often from our foreign tenants.

1. We have a diverse and abundant workforce.

Michigan is a place where jobs and business opportunities are on the rise, and we are home to a diverse and highly skilled workforce. According to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), Michigan has the highest concentration of engineers in the nation, 130,000-plus statewide. We also rank in the top 10 for our number of workers in the skilled trades with 250,000 statewide.

2. We are a global innovation hub with a strong business network.

Michigan is a high-tech powerhouse and an advanced manufacturing leader with many global supply chain assets. Now that's a recipe for innovation! This unique combination of thinkers and makers is what sets us apart from places like Silicon Valley, and what will ultimately help drive Michigan forward during this time of great technological change known as Industry 4.0. Navigating our business climate is made easier for foreign companies because of Michigan’s strong economic development network. For example, Automation Alley is one of the state’s designated SmartZones. SmartZones are technology business accelerators that provide distinct geographical locations to assist firms large and small. We collaborate with industry, academia and government to grow business and create jobs.

3. We have a low cost of living.

Businesses are choosing Michigan not only because of our business-friendly environment, but also our low cost of living that brings with it an unparalleled quality of life. Michigan is the cheapest place to live in the Midwest. Our cost of living is the fourth lowest nationally and is 11% below the national average, according to the MEDC.

4. Our geographical location provides unparalleled access to market.

Michigan is centrally located in North America and is within 500 miles of nearly half the U.S. and Canadian population and commerce centers. International border crossings offer easy access to Canada, the state’s largest trading partner. According to the MEDC, $500 million in trade crosses between Michigan and Canada daily via the Ambassador Bridge, the busiest boarder crossing in North America. In addition, the Great Lakes are a large source of wind energy and contain 20% of the world’s total fresh water — the second-largest supply in the world.

5. There’s so much to do and see!

Michigan’s natural beauty and unique attractions make it a desirable destination to live and work. With four seasons, thousands of lakes and the country’s longest freshwater coastline thanks to the Great Lakes, there are plenty of recreational opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition, Michigan is also home to four professional sports teams, has a rich and storied music and art scene and features many urban escapes with ample opportunities for dining, enjoying craft beer and wine tasting.

Nicole Kampe, Automation Alley
Nicole Kampe, Automation Alley

Nicole Kampe is the Marketing Director for Automation Alley, Michigan’s Industry 4.0 knowledge center, and is responsible for overseeing the organization’s marketing strategy, digital experience, brand and image. Nicole is an experienced marketing, communications, and public relations professional with over 17 years of experience working in both journalism and corporate communications. Nicole earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Oakland University and worked previously at The Oakland Press, where she was honored on multiple occasions by the Society of Professional Journalists before joining Automation Alley in 2012.

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