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History in the Making: HFC’s Anthony Lai Discusses how A.I. Made the Last New Beatles Song Possible

Henry Ford College
January 17, 2024
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Photo by Fedor on Unsplash

Photo by Fedor on Unsplash


The AI-assisted Beatle's song “Now and Then” shows how responsible AI use can be a force for collaboration and art. Learn how this technology was deployed with insight from Henry Ford College Interim Director of Music Anthony Lai.

The use of Generative A.I.* (artificial intelligence) is being widely debated across numerous fields, including academics and entertainment.

“People have talked about the potential negative impacts of A.I., but A.I. is here to stay. There’s no way around it,” said HFC Interim Director of Music Anthony Lai, who shared fascinating developments about the impact of A.I. on music during the September 15 “Thinking Outside the Bot” symposium.

“There are always legitimate concerns with every new technology. When the phonograph was invented, it was feared to be the end of live music. Clearly it wasn’t.”

Lai pointed out that A.I. has many positive aspects, such as making it possible to release the last new song by the legendary Beatles on November 2. The song is called “Now and Then”.

“This is legitimately the Beatles,” said Lai. “A.I. has not replaced John Lennon or George Harrison. It is their music and voices that we hear. A.I. made it possible for this song to finally be released after more than 45 years.”

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