From IoT Factories to Operating Rooms: How to Design Better Comms Systems

The Engineer
December 12, 2022
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Photo by Lee Lawson on Unsplash

Photo by Lee Lawson on Unsplash


The Industry 4.0 transformation relies on robust communications infrastructure. Cables, cameras, sensors and machines all need to communicate effectively in the Internet of Things (IoT) realm. This deep dive on Gigabit Digital Isolation, optimizing HDMI connections and industrial ethernet shows how manufacturers can implement new communications infrastructure practices to remain competitive in the market.

At the base of Industry 4.0 is reliable communications infrastructure. This infrastructure enables decision makers to extract data from machines, fielddevices, and factories. Ensuring reliability in robotics and human machine interfaces requires a good understanding of the underlying technology options.

While a factory floor and a medical operating theatre share little in common, the equipment used in both areas must deliver trusted and precise operation, which is often mission critical. With the need for smarter systems, more data, and higher fidelity, bandwidth requirements are increasing. At the same time, faster communication interfaces must deliver the same reliability and safety against environmental hazards and electromagneticcompatibility (EMC). EMC is the ability of systems to function as intended in their operating environment, without generating or being unduly affected by electrical noise.

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