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ChatGPT is About to Revolutionize The Economy: We Need to Decide What That Looks Like

MIT Technology Review
April 17, 2023
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Photo by Dkoi on Unsplash

Photo by Dkoi on Unsplash


Generative chatbot AI is sweeping the business community, but some key questions remain: How will it be used? Where should it be implemented? Specifics aside, the technology will be a powerful productivity tool for workers and has the ability to boost the economy.

Productivity growth, which is how countries become richer and more prosperous, has been dismal since around 2005 in the US and in most advanced economies (the UK is a particular basket case). The fact that the economic pie is not growing much has led to stagnant wages for many people.

What productivity growth there has been in that time is largely confined to a few sectors, such as information services, and in the US to a few cities—think San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, and Boston.

Will ChatGPT make the already troubling income and wealth inequality in the US and many other countries even worse? Or could it help? Could it in fact provide a much-needed boost to productivity?

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