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Artificial Intelligence: Not A Panacea For Supply Chain Issues, But Extremely Helpful

July 21, 2022
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From baby formula to semiconductors, supply chains have been breaking down across the globe. Can technology help mend these fractured systems? Forbes weighs in on how AI has enabled companies to improve logistics, inventory levels, service levels, and more. "It's not a magic bullet, however, it can help in prioritizing optimal actions and testing different scenarios to plan the best course of action.”

“Supply chain,” once an insider industry term, is now a common phrase uttered by consumers across the globe — and for good reason. From baby formula to beer to semiconductors, supply chains have been breaking down. Can technology help mend these frayed and fractured supply chains?

Probably just a bit. While supply chain leaders generally agree that tech investments are important to smooth out or tighten up supply chains, there has yet to be substantial return on those investments. At this point, only one in five companies have seen technology deliver positive results in their supply chains.

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