Aerospace Cybersecurity: Protecting the Skies in the Digital Age

February 27, 2024
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Cybersecurity in aerospace is a complex field. This overview discusses aerospace cybersecurity measures to safeguard aviation systems in the digital era.

The aerospace industry is extremely complex and interconnected, it comprises various components, organizations, and activities related to air travel, aircraft manufacturing, and other supporting services. Key components of this sector include airlines, aircraft manufacturing, airports, traffic management, regulatory bodies, and more. In the last decade, digital transformation has had a profound impact on the aerospace sector, revolutionizing various aspects including aircraft design, manufacturing, operations, and customer experiences. Unfortunately, for many aerospace organizations, the benefits brought about by digital transformation have become outpaced by industrial cybersecurity risks.

What is Aerospace Cybersecurity?

The aerospace industry is continuously modernizing operations to help ensure safe and efficient operations. However, introducing internet connectivity to formerly air-gapped operational technology (OT) introduces cyber risk that may pose significant threats to the safety and reliability of aviation operations. As a result, aerospace organizations and regulatory bodies have been working to establish security measures and best practices to secure the cyber-physical systems (CPS) and networks within their environments. As we know, establishing robust cybersecurity measures has become critically important as aerospace organizations continue to adopt advanced technologies; however, they are faced with myriad of challenges when it comes to successfully implementing these measures.

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