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Simple Addition of Robotic Component to CNC Machine Creates 70% Revenue Increase

September 15, 2021

A small machine shop operating a 10,000 square-foot facility with 10 employees provides precision machining and plastic injection tooling to various industries. The company recently saw an opportunity to increase efficiency by installing a robotic component to their CNC machine. The move, which was both a big cultural shift and a substantial capital investment for the company, paid off in a 70% increase in revenue. The company has been able to pass cost savings onto customers, increase sales volume and diversify into the medical and aerospace sectors. The company has also invested in improving worker benefits each year. It's created a better experience for skilled workers, since the robotic system assumes many repetitive tasks. Freed up form repetitive tasks, workers can better focus their energy and talents on moving automation forward. That's been essential as the company competes to retain workers amid a shortage of skilled machinists.

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