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Manufacturer saves close to $60 per brass fixture part with 3D printer

September 15, 2021

A manufacturer of flow monitoring equipment for measuring the flow rates of fluids and gases was able to streamline their business processes, saving time and money, by experimenting with 3D printing technology. The company logged 1,000 hours on the 3D printer over the course of a year, printing everything from test fixtures and assembly fixtures to prototype parts, decreasing the load on their manufacturing output and increasing turnaround times for both functional parts and prototypes. 3D printing was also able to improve assembly efficiency, allowing the company to make fixtures and tools for its assembly team. In addition, it allowed the company to respond more quickly to clients' customization requests. Although the company did not find the 3D printer useful for high-volume production, they have found ways to use the technology to facilitate product development by proving concepts. In one case, the printer allowed the team to quickly test the viability of converting a metal component to plastic. The 3D printer has also saved the company money. A brass fixture that used to cost $96.50 to produce decreased to $37.51 per piece.

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