Virtual and Augmented Reality
Use Case

Augmented Reality Training Provides Better Engagement, Learning Retention, and Outcomes

September 15, 2021

Looking to broaden its training strategy, an organization turned to a technology provider to implement augmented reality solutions that included immersive, 3D training and task performance tools. Trainees had the ability to learn wherever they were located in interactive environments that simultaneously engaged them in all modes of learning—including visual instructions, aural cues, synthetic voice narratives, multi-media images, and realistic, immersive full-scale 3D digital representations. Furthermore, quizzes and tests allow trainees and instructors to track their progress. The organization had a control group of trainees go through their legacy training and an experimental group who used the augmented reality solution. The organization reported that the augmented reality group achieved an 8% higher score than those using only the legacy training program. The organization expects to see substantially higher results and benefits with increased integration.

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