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Mature Industry 4.0 Technologies That are Shaping Manufacturing Today: AI and 3D Printing

May 30, 2024
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Mature Industry 4.0 Technologies That are Shaping Manufacturing Today: AI and 3D Printing


Learn from a Microsoft MVP in Artificial Intelligence and a tier-one automotive supplier deploying additive manufacturing about how these two mature industry 4.0 technologies are changing the face of modern production. Explore case studies, ask important questions, and understand the methods of implementation in this exclusive event.

Experts Charles Elwood, Microsoft MVP in AI and Solismatica Founder, and Peter Hungerford, Executive Vice President and Managing Director DBU of ADAC, will each give presentations about how the industry is evolving.

Elwood will explore the transformative world of AI, highlighting its critical role in augmenting human potential and reshaping industry norms. From leveraging neural voice technology for societal reintegration to addressing the intricacies of edge AI and multimodal challenges in document processing, this presentation will cover the current and future applications of AI that are revolutionizing data security, search, and management. Learn how Azure's environment, compliant with both HIPAA and SOC standards, ensures the integrity of data. This session will also delve into the importance of partnerships between the tech industry and academia to foster an AI-ready workforce, taking inspiration from Singapore's initiatives. Additionally, Elwood will share insights from a recent trade mission, organized by Automation Alley with support from a MI-step grant, where Microsoft facilitated presentations to the Electricity Generation Authority of Thailand. This initiative highlighted AI's role in enhancing Southeast Asia's EV infrastructure through predictive maintenance.

Hungerford will showcase additive manufacturing technology in action, demonstrating how ADAC integrates this technology into its operations, and address some common implementation challenges. He’ll also lead a tour through ADAC’s facility, showcasing its hardware and software in action. Founded in 1975 in Grand Rapids, MI, ADAC is a Tier 1 mechatronic vehicle access system supplier. Its product portfolio includes applications with leading automotive companies like GM, Ford, Honda, BMW, Volkswagen and more.

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ATTENTION! We kindly ask that all attendees who are not U.S. citizens to please identify themselves, as the host facility is required to adhere to government regulations, particularly those outlined by ITAR. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated as it helps us ensure that everyone present can fully enjoy the event while respecting all necessary guidelines.


2:00 Welcome

  • 3D Printing / Scanning
  • AI in Manufacturing
  • Facility Tour
  • Technology Discussion

4:30 Closing


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Thursday, May 30

2:00 pm to 4:30 pm

5690 Eagle Drive SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

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