The Drivers of Sustainability in Industrial Machinery

June 16, 2023
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Customer standards, compliance requirements and capital flows dictate industry must make an effort to be more sustainable. According to Siemens, the first step toward sustainability is digitalization.

A sustainable factory is a must in today’s competitive marketplace. Companies want to know that their machines, process, and delivery are sustainable for the environment and the overall lifecycle and costs.

Four key issues are driving the need for sustainability in the industrial machinery industry:

  • Commitments, reporting and compliance are driven by regulatory bodies, government bodies and others
  • Capital flows to where money is being invested in driving smarter factories and smarter sustainable factories
  • The social aspect is the resource scarcity at the end of the day. We all have some obligations in trying to manage a better manager
  • Customers are demanding that equipment providers make their equipment more sustainable

These drivers specify the need for industrial machinery companies to change how they view sustainability as essential and imperative to their business strategy moving forward. As a side note, you can also see how the need for electrification is driving the prerequisite for efficiency because so many of these processes require energy density that is only available in a fossil fuel, which is not the same way in electricity. So, there’s the need to drive down the energy used in a factory to convert materials that require evaluation and optimization.

Remember that the end objective is not merely a reduction in emissions from energy consumption of fossil fuels but also energy cost, which is on the rise. Therefore, there is the motivation to optimize that cost.

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