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Sustainability in The Spotlight as EOS and Siemens Both Showcase Green Tech at Formnext

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December 8, 2022
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Photo by eMotion Tech on Unsplash

Photo by eMotion Tech on Unsplash


At the Formnext Trade Show, industrial manufacturing firm Siemens and 3D printer developer EOS debuted new sustainable additive manufacturing technologies. EOS previewed two new carbon friendly additive manufacturing materials: a carbon neutral PA 1101 and a carbon-reduced PA 2200 containing 45% less CO2 than before. Siemens showcased biodegradable 3D printed flax harbor fenders, a protective barrier between ship hulls and port quay walls that traditionally contained pollutive microplastics.

Industrial manufacturing firm Siemens and powder bed fusion (PBF) 3D printer developer EOS have both debuted sustainable new 3D printing applications, Siemens, and powders, EOS, at the Formnext trade show.

While Siemens has demonstrated how 3D printing’s inherent design freedoms can help reduce the footprint of automotive grippers, EOS has introduced two eco-friendly materials. Traditionally petrol-based, the firm’s carbon-reduced PA 2200 now contains nearly 45% less CO2 than before. EOS has also launched a climate-neutral PA 1101 that manages to be bio-based without compromising on quality.

“We currently evaluate the climate impact of every aspect of industrial 3D printing to create transparency of the status quo,” said Björn Hannappel, Head of Sustainability at EOS. “We also evaluate and improve production efficiency. For our new environmentally green materials, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible. And we invest in gold standard climate protection projects to offset unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions.”

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