Smart Manufacturing: How Universities Are Meeting the Moment

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April 11, 2022
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Universities across the United States recognize the widening skills gap in the manufacturing sector. Deloitte and a nonprofit called The Manufacturing Institute estimate 2 million manufacturing jobs could go unfilled over the next decade. For example, Purdue University has been adding courses on many industry 4.0 skills, including artificial intelligence. “A lot of what was automated [in the past] was human physical labor. I think what we’re seeing today are the beginnings of the automation of decision-making, which historically was left to humans that were part of the manufacturing process,” says Nathan Hartman, director of the Purdue University Digital Enterprise Center. 

Smart Manufacturing: How Universities Are Meeting the Moment

Colleges and universities are training more student in subject such as robotics, artificial intelligence and 3D printing tp prepare them for chain gin workforce demands in manufacturing due to automation.

As manufacturers adopt autonomous technologies to produce goods more efficiently and address supply chain issues, universities are focusing on preparing tomorrow's tech workforce for new jobs in smart manufacturing — where emerging tech and processes in machine learning, data science and advanced 3D printing will change how things are made over the coming decades.

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Industry Reports
Industry Reports

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