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Computer Aided Technology
December 2, 2022
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Photo by: ThisisEngineering RAEng, Unsplashed

Photo by: ThisisEngineering RAEng, Unsplashed


The use of robotics in manufacturing has grown in response to the many challenges caused by a global skills gap and disrupted supply chains. While robotics can help mitigate some of the challenges, because robot programming is not part of the design phase, manufacturing personnel often have to scramble to implement fixes and workarounds on the shop floor, leading to potential conflicts. Download this whitepaper from Automation Alley members CATI to discover how 3D robot programming can provide real-time visual collaboration between design and manufacturing and more.

Robotic manufacturing processes, with their clear advantages of speed, cost reduction and accuracy, are being widely adopted for a broad range of production needs. But robot programmers frequently find it challenging to deliver material handling, arcwelding, spot welding, painting, or drill and riveting programs that work with certainty on the first run. Because robot programming is not part of the design phase, they are forced to implement fixes and workarounds on the shop floor. Costs escalate as production cycles expand and changes are made without knowledge of the shop floor impacts.

However, Robot Programmer, a role in the 3DEXPERIENCE® Works portfolio, can deliver high-quality, collision-free programs in the native robot language with minimal intervention on the shop floor. In the virtual world, programmers and designers work in concert to create the most productive tooling operations and robot cycle times. Programming can move ahead independently without interrupting production, and robot programs perform predictably the first time. Costs of programming and production are significantly reduced, and products move to market more quickly.

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Computer Aided Technology
Computer Aided Technology

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