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Metal X Spotlight: A Competitive Advantage for Electric Vehicle Busbar Prototypes

April 12, 2023
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The EV industry relies on copper “busbars” in the critical function of transferring power in its vehicles. Traditional manufacturers are ill-equipped to handle the precision and design constraints of these busbars. However, additive manufacturing finds a unique application in rapid prototyping this part.

While internal combustion engines still fuel the majority of today’s cars, electric vehicles (EVs) will have a major role shaping the future of transportation and automotive. Research shows that EV sales have leaped over 40% a year since 2016, with EVs projected to be the largest market in the automotive sector in the next 10-15 years.

Despite the industry’s growth, automotive providers still struggle to achieve profitability on EVs sold due to manufacturing challenges: many components for EVs are complex and difficult to manufacture efficiently.

Just like vehicles powered by fossil fuels, entire supply chains are being built around electric vehicles. As Tier 1,2, and 3 automotive suppliers scramble to win business in this market, their competitive advantages will be cost savings, time to market, and design optimization.

To build tighter and more efficient supply chains wherever possible, automotive manufacturers must examine every area of opportunity. One opportunity is 3D printing electrical components, such as busbars, with pure Copper on the Metal X system. In this article we will explore how prototyping these components enables companies to accelerate time to market, while realizing areas for cost reduction and design optimization.

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