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INTEGR8 2024 PLAYBOOK - Shaping Tomorrow: Mastering Additive Manufacturing Feature

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March 25, 2024
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From disrupting traditional production methods to driving sustainability, discover how additive manufacturing is reshaping industries and opening doors to new horizons. Explore the findings and insights of this additive manufacturing roundtable group comprised of industry leaders in government, academia, and industry.

While some Industry 4.0 technologies are more nebulous like Big Data and the Industrial Internet of Things, additive manufacturing (AM) is hands on and visual. You can see a new additively manufactured piece being printed and feel it, from a rocket booster the size of a truck to a micro-lattice part the size of a match head. 

With this power and flexibility, the additive process is redefining the way factories approach and think about the design process. However, the change is not happening overnight. 

“We’re talking about transforming a $13 trillion manufacturing industry. That’s not an easy task,” Stratasys Global Director of Transportation Fadi Abro said. “We’re not going to take all of those trillions and put them into additive manufacturing. But if you look at scale, $40 billion is invested in the 3D printing market today.”

 For this transformation, it is important to establish a playbook for the journey into a distributed and additive manufacturing future. It requires a mindset shift, Abro added. “Additive manufacturing is not a single product, solution or material. It is a way of doing things. It’s also about localizing production. We need to have ways to react to supply chain problems, and additive manufacturing can be that answer.” 

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