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Can AI Help HR with Recruitment?

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March 2, 2022
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AI in recruitment can help companies anticipate future needs and choose suitable candidates. While technology can never overcome human intelligence in determining a person’s worth, it can assist in finding the right person for the designated position and save companies valuable time.

AI in recruitment can facilitate companies to anticipate the future needs and choose suitable candidates

The staffing industry has witnessed revolutionary changes in recent times. Thanks to AI in recruitment process, it has become easy to find the near-perfect fit for the right job for a specific cultural and intellectual setting. The smart features of AI such as big data, data analytics, and predictive analytics are making a big difference in the recruitment process. AI in recruitment process is all about using smart tools which can gather, process a humongous amount of data, and present in ways the human mind is capable of doing. According to a report, around 60% of CEOs opine that they find it difficult to find the right talent in the job market. The application of AI tools can reduce this talent gap to a large extent saving the recruiters from a wild goose chase.

Benefits of AI In Recruitment Process

For sure smart tools can never overcome human intelligence in determining a person’s worth. However, they can assist in finding the right person for the designated position. This is more so true when a hiring agency is running short of resources and time in a dynamic business environment. Artificial Intelligence helps companies to anticipate future needs in terms of Human Resources and can suggest the right candidate who has the potential to adapt to changing circumstances. Over time, it will save companies from making a bad hire and simultaneously reduce the attrition rate.

How AI Tools Can Help Source Talent?

Recruiter Chatbots

Who doesn’t want a personalized experience? Particularly, when it is a life-changing decision such as choosing a workplace. Chatbots can exactly offer the applicants the kind of experience without having to sacrifice objectivity. According to reports, 50% of companies are planning to employ chatbot conversations for the hiring process than using mobile applications. The intuitive feature lets a company analyze the conversation of a candidate based on a set of parameters and have an idea of what to expect from the person. Hence, thoughtful application of AI in the recruitment process saves companies from losing out on a capable but passive profile.


Machines have been helping companies in choosing the right hire for many years. However, the fundamental question that still remained is, if machines can make human-like decisions. With AI, it is intelligent machines that make calculated decisions using the data of successful people and measure a candidate’s relative suitability. Implementing AI algorithms has the potential to land the right prospect in the right position.

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