Avidbots Releases Floor-scrubbing Robot for Industrial Spaces

The Robot Report
May 23, 2023
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The Neo 2W is a floor-scrubbing robot designed to navigate the tight and sometimes debris-filled spaces of manufacturing operations. With a sensor suite and advanced 3D cameras, the robot can identify and get out of the way of forklifts, humans and all other obstacles.

Avidbots announced the launch of the Neo 2W, a cleaning robot designed specifically for warehouses and manufacturing environments to improve cleaning quality, efficiency and productivity.

The Neo 2W was designed in collaboration with industrial consumers to overcome the challenges that warehouses and manufacturing environments pose for robots. Warehouses can come with extra floor debris, dynamic activity and frequent layout changes.

Avidbots’ Neo 2W has an exclusive AI and hardware configuration that helps the robots clean without human intervention. It’s also equipped with Debris Diverter, which limits the impact of debris on Neo by diverting it, protecting the wheels and reducing risks of clogs in the vacuum hose and tank.

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The Robot Report
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