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AI Isn't Taking Over Industrial Manufacturing Yet: Here Are 3 Reasons Why

May 3, 2023
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Though artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize manufacturing, there are several barriers it needs to cross before doing so. According to Forbes, the industry at large faces significant trials in trust, awareness and acceptance of AI before it can be used to its full potential.

Currently, industrial manufacturing is responsible for nearly 24% of global carbon emissions, and the manufacturing sector as a whole is rife with expensive inefficiencies that make work more difficult for laborers.

Despite this, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing have yet to be widely adopted by industrial manufacturers. While it seems logical to control the massive amounts of complex industrial equipment needed for manufacturing with digitalization, technology is not replacing humans nearly as fast as it potentially could.

To understand why, my team and I performed research on over 150 scenarios for applying AI to the industrial manufacturing sector, and here are three of the snags we found.

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