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Michigan’s Got Talent Series -The Price is Right: Are You Offering a Competitive Wage?

October 21, 2014 | 11:30 AM | Troy

What is your company’s compensation strategy — or do you have one at all? A compensation strategy is crucial for both attraction and retention of qualified talent. If you want to be known as a best-in-class organization, it’s wise to think ab... More

Company:  Automation Alley

Michigan’s Got Talent Series - Creating a Winning Corporate Culture

November 18, 2014 | 11:30 AM | Troy

Why is having a great corporate culture so important? Shouldn’t employees just be thankful that they have a job?

Corporate culture is an essential ingredient in any business’ success or failure. Remember Enron Corporation? A health... More

Company:  Automation Alley

Automation Alley Orientation

December 10, 2014 | 8:00 AM | Troy

Automation Alley is committed to helping Southeast Michigan businesses succeed and grow. Is your organization getting everything it can out of its Automation Alley membership?

Through our member benefits and services, includi... More

Company:  Automation Alley