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Four Functions Every Business Needs for Long-Term Growth

By Pavan Muzumdar | Automation Alley | 1/10/2018

No matter what kind of company you run, be it a pizza shop, accounting firm, shoe shop, or manufacturing company, there are four major functions every business must strengthen: Marketing, Sales, Operations and Finance. Organizing a company in this way is particularly important for leaders facing the disruption of Industry 4.0. If functional teams work well together, then the company as a whole will be able to much better understand needs, pricing preferences, product and service configurations, and capital requirements to deliver the highest value to its customers.

Avoid Tax Headaches with These 5 Tips

By Automation Alley Staff | Automation Alley | 1/13/2016

The time for planning for year-end tax strategies is now.

​Understanding Financial Statements – Don’t Leave It To The Experts!

By Maryann Daddow | Automation Alley | 3/25/2015

Maryann Daddow, director of finance at Automation Alley, offers up some advice to new business owners.  

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