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How Important Is Additive Manufacturing Security?

September 12, 2022
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Cybersecurity isn't discussed often in the context of 3D printing, but the future of additive manufacturing will require policies to guide collaborations and protect companies and their networks against cyber risks.

Unfortunately, security incidents seem to be on the rise, and particularly related to company cloud infrastructure. In recent years more companies are using cloud technology to store designs and other critical information. During the pandemic many companies erected cloud platforms in order to support remote workers, and still do so today.

Security incidents take many forms, but generally the idea is that data that should be secured is somehow exposed to others outside the company. This could be personal information about staff and clients, internal company documents or even 3D designs sought by competitors.

Someone inside every organization can access these materials, but normally access is restricted to those who “need to know”. However, if one of those privileged accounts is compromised, then the information can be exposed.

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