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Foundation Benefits

Membership Includes:

Customization: A customized engagement package designed to align with your company’s goals, overall strategy and core values. Work with your dedicated Relationship Manager to tailor opportunities and collaborate with our staff to drive your success.

Global Knowledge Distribution: We welcome Foundation Members to submit one whitepaper during their membership year that will be distributed throughout our global AMHUB network. These whitepapers will include an introduction and conclusion from Automation Alley and should be 700-1000 words of technical content along with a corresponding photo that is approved for distribution. This global visibility opportunity is exclusive for World Economic Forum AMHUBs and is one of many unique opportunities that we extend to our Foundation Members.

Brand Visibility: Automation Alley Foundation Members' logos are included on the Foundation Member Wall at our Troy Headquarters, prominently displayed at signature events and are featured on Automation Alley's website.

Attend and Learn: Attend a wide variety of events focused on disruptive technologies with members-only pricing. Events include Integr8: The Industry 4.0 Conference, the weekly Tech Takeover series, the Technology in Industry Reveal, networking events and more.

Turn Knowledge into Action: Utilize the research and actionable intelligence from our annual Technology in Industry Report, Industry 4.0 Roadmap for Michigan companies, white papers, blog, podcast and an archive of the Tech Takeover series to fully understand Industry 4.0.

Invest in Your Workforce: Upskill and reskill your workforce through Automation Alley’s educational discount program. Your employees will have access a variety of tuition discounts from local educational institutions and training providers.

Concierge Service: A skilled member of our team will work directly with your organization. Together, we'll figure out the best way to develop and deliver your message.

Grow your Business: Expand internationally with our Global Trade Missions. The Automation Alley International Business Team sets up meetings, gives guidance on how do business internationally, guides companies looking to export products or technologies, and handles all of the logistics before, during and after the mission. It’s the companies that understand how to digitize that will be attractive to global corporations.

Connect with Our Members: Align with like-minded companies and select strategic partners that will help you take your company to the next level by accessing our online directory.

Share Our Space: Utilize our conference rooms, 100-seat auditorium and collaborative workspace to spark new ideas and innovations (Auditorium or Conference Rooms: 24 uses, Collaboration Space: Unlimited). To see an overview of available space, click here.

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Foundation Partners

Automation Alley is proud to partner with organizations that are committed to leadership and progress during the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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