Michigan Automated Systems Collaborative

Automation Alley is completing their Michigan Automated Systems Collaborative (MASC) project with Advance Michigan in 2018. The MASC structure will remain in place beyond our grant period to continue developing strategic partnerships between industry, academia, government, research and professional associations. 

This mission endures to promote, attract, and grow the robotic and automated systems manufacturing industry in the state of Michigan. This group will now extend beyond its original 13 County border to include organizations from across the state, nation and globe. 

Michigan, and our organizations are leaders in the design, development and manufacturing of automated systems and related robotic technologies for manufacturing. Automation Alley will build on this foundation and continue to help both companies developing automated technologies and businesses seeking to integrate these systems into their manufacturing environments. 

Goals and Objectives beyond 2018:

MASC will help to grow the automated systems industry in Michigan by:

  • Offering inclusion with Robotics Advisory Council to organizations and individuals seeking knowledge on automated manufacturing and activity within this community. 
  • Identifying industry needs and opportunities of the sector, and helping organizations collaborate on projects to automate their businesses.
  • Growing and retaining talent in related fields of study and assisting qualified companies through our partner networks both at the state and national level.
  • Promoting partnerships and alignment within key stakeholder groups including Virtual Membership in Automation Alley, access to our events where applicable and listing in our MASC Directory for qualified organization.

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or 800-427-5100.

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