Industry 4.0 Supplier Reboot

Automation Alley’s Industry 4.0 Supplier Reboot is a unique full-day, customizable workshop tailored to fit your company’s needs and created to strengthen your supply chain through practical, implementable recommendations focused on Industry 4.0 best practices. Once you’ve identify key areas for improvement to strengthen your supply chain, you will invite your suppliers to Automation Alley and we will take care of the rest. 

This event provides your company the opportunity to:

  • Communicate your company vision to your suppliers
  • Upskill and train your supply chain in critical Industry 4.0 areas
  • Collaborate and share best practices
  • Participate in an Industry 4.0 Assessment

Learn more about what your supplier day could look like by viewing our recent Raytheon and Rheinmetall supplier day in partnership with Automation Alley:

“Southeast Michigan has a long, proud legacy supporting the Army and its combat vehicle programs and we’re looking to protect and extend that. We’re hosting our first large-scale supplier day in Detroit because we recognize how critical this area is to strengthening the combat vehicle industrial base.”

-- Brad Barnard, Raytheon program director for the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle.

Automation Alley delivers: 

  • Event venue: Industry 4.0 Supplier Reboot takes place in Automation Alley’s 100-seat Woodward Auditorium in Troy from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Content: Automation Alley member companies will present to you and your suppliers. These companies will be chosen based on their proven track record of thought leadership and successful Industry 4.0 adoption within a particular technology sector.
  • Assessment: Opportunities for personalized Industry 4.0 Assessments will be offered to your suppliers with the intention of identifying a pathway to success.
  • Marketing: Automation Alley’s marketing team will provide invitation templates and additional marketing materials to assist your internal marketing efforts.
  • Registration: Automation Alley staff will manage online and day-of registration.
  • Attendee List: At the conclusion of the event, you will be given a list of contact names and email addresses for all attendees and presenters. 

Your company delivers:

  • The Suppliers: Select up to 80 individuals to invite from multiple suppliers who would benefit from additional training on implementing Industry 4.0 principles.
  • Promotion: Use Automation Alley email templates and marketing materials to promote and invite your suppliers. 
  • Topics: Work with the Automation Alley to identify which Industry 4.0 topics best meet your suppliers’ needs. Confirm topic selection four months prior to scheduled event to allow Automation Alley ample time to secure presenters.  
  • Breakfast and lunch: Food will be provided by your company (Automation Alley has a list of local catering companies to choose from).
  • Feedback: Automation Alley is committed to strengthening the supply chain in Michigan. We need your feedback and that of your attendees to continue this very important work. 

General Topics

  • 5G
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Advanced Materials  
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
  • Automated Systems 
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain
  • Building Security 
  • Cloud Computing
  • Compliance 
  • Digital Twin
  • Factory Connections 
  • Factory Cybersecurity 
  • Lights-Out Manufacturing 
  • Machine Learning
  • Minimizing audit non-conformances 
  • Product Lifecycle Management 
  • Quality Control
  • Reducing Downtown/Predictive Maintenance 
  • Robotics
  • Safety  
  • Sensors 
  • Serializing  
  • Testing and Reporting

Ensure your supply chain is Industry 4.0 ready. 

To inquire about this program or to learn more, contact Automation Alley at or 800-427-5100. For more information about Automation Alley’s programs and services, or to become a member, click here.

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