Episode 15: Splunk and the A-ha Moment

With Brian Gilmore | Splunk Inc. | 8/7/2019

Brian Gilmore, a chief technology advocate for Splunk, joins Automation Alley Executive Director and CEO Tom Kelly on the podcast to discuss his customers' a-ha moments when it comes to leveraging emerging technologies to drive new opportunity. The data is there, it's up to you to capture it, analyze it and harness its power.

Episode 14: Smart Cars & Smart Cities: Exploring Future Job Trends

With Elaina Farnsworth | The NEXT Education | 3/20/2019

Connected mobility has the potential to create a greener and safer network for vehicles, infrastructure and people. What will the world look like when our vehicles know us better than our friends and family? Elaina Farnsworth, the CEO and founder of The NEXT Education, is our guest on the podcast to discuss training our workforce for mobility jobs of today and tomorrow.

The best way to tackle the growing complexity challenges coming through Industry 4.0 is to have a wholistic view of your product, says Scott Perdue, president of Configit, who joins Automation Alley’s Tom Kelly on this episode of Factory Reboot. Discover how configuration software can help manage your manufacturing complexity issues and get your business to peak performance.

Karen Wiltgen, principal at RSM, joins Automation Alley Executive Director and CEO Tom Kelly on the podcast to discuss how companies can transform their business using robotic process automation (RPA). What impact is RPA having in today's marketplace? Which industries can benefit the most from this technology? And how can companies get started? These questions and more are answered on this episode of Factory Reboot.

Dr. Christopher Martin, director of engineering at Robert Bosch, joins Automation Alley Executive Director and CEO Tom Kelly on the podcast to discuss how AI is being used in factories today and where he envisions it being used in the future. What areas of AI are set to grow the fastest? What are the barriers to becoming an autonomous factory and how can manufacturers overcome them? These questions and more are answered on this episode of Factory Reboot.

Episode 10: AI's Impact on Autonomous Vehicles and More

With Bill Bone | Aras Corporation | 6/5/2018

Pavan Muzumdar, Automation Alley COO, steps in for Tom Kelly to discuss the rise of artificial intelligence in connected and autonomous vehicles, as well as AI's emerging role on factory floors with Bill Bone, chief technology officer for Aras Corporation's Automotive division. What are some of the newest AI in-vehicle trends? What's being integrated today and what can we expect in the coming years? How are autonomous vehicles affecting safety, security and vehicle development? These questions and more will be answered on this episode of Factory Reboot.

Episode 9: Cyber Threats and Cyber Insurance in Today's Automated World

With Brandon Horrocks | Sterling Insurance Group | 4/3/2018

Automation Alley Executive Director and CEO Tom Kelly is joined by Brandon Horrocks, senior vice president at Sterling Insurance Group, to discuss the role cyber threats play on our factory floors, and specifically, what companies can do to stay protected. Does your company have cyber insurance? As small and medium size manufacturers incorporate more automation into their operations, what are some first steps companies can take to protect their business in the event of a data breach?

Episode 8: Automation Beyond the Factory

With Ian Sefferman | TUNE | 2/1/2018

Automation Alley Executive Director Tom Kelly is joined by Ian Sefferman, a TechStars Seattle alum and software entrepreneur, formerly with Amazon and currently with TUNE, a mobile marketing platform, to discuss the potential of automation...beyond the manufacturing sector. Which industries will benefit the most from automation? And how can Michigan capitalize on these trends?

Mark Noschang, Omron's National Robotics Applications Engineering Lead, joins the podcast for an interesting chat about how robotics are dramatically changing the manufacturing landscape for the better, as productivity increases due to robotics will require more human labor. What can history teach us about the future of robotic and smart factory innovation? Listen to find out.

Episode 6: Why Cloud-based PLM?

With John Giacomazza | Autodesk | 12/1/2017

Automation Alley CEO and Executive Director Tom Kelly is joined by John Giacomazza, sales executive for Autodesk, to discuss how cloud-based PLM can help manufacturers of all sizes accelerate their product development processes across all departments...anytime, anywhere.

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