The GreenPower Muffler system developed to Save Fuel by Adding Water for both Gasoline and Diesel engines

Jun 6, 2016 | Northville, MI

For the first time in automotive history, use of water-addition technology was commercialized in 2016 by BMW to produce the most powerful production sports car. IMET, Ltd of Northville, MI has released a key thermodynamic test data  that IMET’s GreenPower™ Muffler technology reduced the Exhaust Gas Temperature by 30 degrees Centigrade, while the BMW’s water-injection process reduced  the turbo-charged air-inlet temperature by 27’C.
The Inventor of the GreenPower™ Muffler system, Julius J. Rim, Ph.D, stated that IMET, Ltd has demonstrated the world’s first Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) engine concept at Low Temperature Combustion(LTC) on Sep.23, 2015 in Vancouver, Canada,  with  the 1,000 KW gen-set engine of the Holland America Line-cruise vessel to be retrofitted with IMET’s GreenPower™ Muffler technology under the sponsorship of the Port of Los Angeles.
Approximately, 20% of water-volume-to-fuel was consumed or added into the GreenPower™ Muffler to achieve 30’C drop for  the LTC operation.
 The GreenPower™ Muffler is the world’s first engine-Muffler system  in which Exhaust Waste Heat(EWH) of upto 33% of fuel is recovered to boil water to water-vapor (steam) to be combusted with  fuel-air mixture  in the in-cylinder combustion chamber at Low Temperature Combustion(LTC) or HCCI.
The GreenPower™ Muffler technology can increase Fuel-Efficiency drastically by adding water  to all truck’s GreenPower™ Muffler system in the USA as mandated by the US-Phase 2 (Fuel-economy) regulation. With IMET’s GreenPower™ Muffler system, there is no need to use water-emulsion chemicals at high cost. Technology-licensing  and partnership opportunities are available upon request.

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