Technology in Industry Report

Automation Alley's Technology in Industry Report is a data-driven guide to Industry 4.0 implementation featuring 150 pages of use cases, emerging trends, challenges, opportunities and action items for industry.

Seeing Industry 4.0 Through a 2020 Lens

Automation Alley's Technology in Industry Report is back for 2020, exploring new trends within Industry 4.0 to keep you and your supply chain in the know when it comes to all things digital. The 2020 report, titled "Seeing Industry 4.0 Through a 2020 Lens," features a series of case studies and white papers written in collaboration with top academic and industry leaders, on the trending topics impacting companies today, including:

  • The rise of AI
  • 5G: An Industry 4.0 game-changer
  • The convergence of IT and OT
  • Building a strong supply chain with Big Data
  • How Industry 4.0 transforms data regulation & protection
  • The impact of digital twins
  • Additive manufacturing trends
  • Industry 4.0 & the global workforce
  • And more!

Each white paper focuses on how these trends are impacting people, processes and technology in the now, near and far; and conclude with action items for industry to consider when developing their own digital transformations.

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Industry 4.0 In Focus: A Livestream Series

Automation Alley’s Technology in Industry Reveal is going virtual for 2020! Join us this summer as we debut Automation Alley’s 2020 Technology in Industry Report, titled Industry 4.0 in Focus, and launch a livestream series featuring Automation Alley Executive Director and CEO Tom Kelly and the report’s key contributors from industry and academia as they break down the report’s emerging technology trends, case studies and action items for industry. 

As we enter a new decade, the opportunities associated with Industry 4.0 are enormous. 5G technology will unlock the bandwidth to make Industry 4.0 truly possible, collaborative robots will become more agile and configurable and artificial intelligence will continue to become more sophisticated. While these rapid technological advancements provide manufacturers with great opportunities for growth, 2020 is also a time of profound uncertainty for business leaders and the global workforce as we face new challenges around the enormous amounts of data we are collecting, disruptive and sophisticated cyber threats and the impact and fallout of coronavirus, the worst pandemic of our lifetimes. 

Join us as we address these most pressing challenges—as well as the greatest opportunities—impacting the business world today. How should companies prepare in 2020 and beyond for the digital transformation and position themselves for long-term strategic success?  

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