Join the Additive Manufacturing Transformation

Join this webinar to learn how additive manufacturing technologies are presenting opportunities for manufacturers to reimagine their products, reconsider their approach to design, rethink the how/when/where of production and reinvent manufacturing by eliminating costly procedures and long lead time processes. Whether you have already purchased an AM machine and are looking for solutions for better print setups and parts, just getting started in AM and are interested in its applications and potential to transform manufacturing, or are an established AM program looking to take your capabilities to the next level.

Siemens and Tata Technologies offer solutions to enable the optimization and automation of the additive process. Join us as we cover available additive solutions and demonstrate where and how their implementation can benefit your future manufacturing business.

See what additive manufacturing tools are available to transform your manufacturing process through lightweighting, topology optimization, lattice structure design, customized parts and more.

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