Software Design Principles to Solve Product Complexity Challenges

The best way to improve efficiency and accuracy in manufacturing development is by applying software design principles to product complexity.

A collaborative, iterative approach that is supported by branching and work items takes the ambiguity and ownership debate out of product development and clearly defines the rules and processes.

In this Tech Takeover, you’ll see how this approach can be applied in the manufacturing industry and how it works in the real world. This presentation is intended for audiences that have at least some understanding of product complexity and the product lifecycle.

Speaker:  Jeff Edwards, Director of Development, Configit, Inc.

Jeff Edwards is responsible for creating a North American development organization in the Greater Detroit area focusing on establishing an innovative and agile team to work on the Ace product. Edwards has successfully led organizations through their digital transformation and is excited about the ability of Ace to lead other companies through that same journey.

During his 20-plus years in enterprise software development, he has led teams in the development of new cloud-based products, successfully transitioned existing product to the cloud and overhauled software development practices to be more agile while promoting core DevOps principles of “own it, build it, run it."

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