Industry 4.0 – A Practical Start

Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) bring up visions of AI, millions of sensors and thousands of robots working in concert. In reality, there are practical, cost-effective efforts that can be made leveraging existing equipment, staff and systems. With nearly 20 years of IoT experience in manufacturing plants across the globe, Kors Engineering joins the Tech Takeover at Automation Alley to clear the fog on what you can do now to make you competitive today – and tomorrow.

  • Hear how industry leaders are utilizing machine integration for a competitive advantage.
  • Build on your existing equipment, team members and practices to migrate to world class practices and metrics.
  • Identify the value of machine automation, the return and the integrated data that is critical to capture.
  • Learn how to get started with machine automation on your plant floor with a roadmap to success.
  • Explore how to move forward without eating the elephant, or breaking the bank.

This session is intended for manufacturing COOs, GMs and CEOs, directors of plant digitization, maintenance managers and organization members that own the integration of the shop floor, industrial and manufacturing engineers and operations responsible for overall efficiency of the plant.

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