Post-Covid Economic and Business Update Video Series

Join Automation Alley's Noel Nevshehir, Director of International Business Services and Global Strategic Partnerships, for a new video series focusing on the impact of COVID-19 globally. In each episode, Noel will sit down with economic development representatives from across the globe for an interview-style update on how their country has reacted to the pandemic and what lasting affects it will have on the economy.

Episode 1: Mexico 

In this episode, Noel Nevshehir is joined by Silvia Alonso, Director of the Michigan Mexico Office for the MEDC, for a discussion on how Mexico is recovering from the Coronavirus, what specific challenges they are facing, and how U.S. companies can help.

Episode 2: South Africa 

Richard Zurba, Director of the MEDC’s Africa Trade Office, joins us for this episode as he reveals how South Africa has adjusted to business post-COVID.

Episode 3: India 

Sushama Kanetkar and Supriya Kanetkar from the state of Michigan’s India Office sit down with Noel Nevshehir to discuss India’s recovery from the coronavirus.

Episode 4: The World Economy 

Noel Nevshehir is joined by Jim Glassman of JP Morgan Chase for a discussion on the state of the U.S. and world economy as we emerge from the pandemic in episode 4 of this series. 

Episode 5: Virtual Trade Missions 

Jean Schtokal from Foster Swift sits down with Noel Nevshehir to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on trade missions and conferences. 

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