The New Normal: Leveraging COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies to Build Future Innovation

As companies begin to recover from COVID-19, Automation Alley, Michigan’s Industry 4.0 knowledge center, is leading the conversation on what’s in store for manufacturing post-pandemic with the introduction of this new livestream series.

Episode 14: The Flipped Classroom

COVID-19 has accelerated the need for remote learning in both corporate and academic settings. But putting the right pieces in place for a successful transition to virtual learning can cause uncertainty and anxiety for many. On this Episode of New Normal, we are joined by Th3rd Coast Digital Solutions for a look into the company’s Flipped Classroom solutions. By evaluating traditional, in-person training methods, Th3rd Coast identifies key learning objectives, develops a strategic execution plan, and applies the appropriate technology tools to transform clients’ learning environments into digital sessions.

Episode 13: Why You Need a Return-to-Work Playbook 

On this episode of New Normal, Cynthia Hutchison, Automation Alley vice president, is joined by the CEO of MedNetOne, Ewa Matuszewski, for a discussion about the health care management organization's comprehensive back-to-work playbook and how it is being used to guide small businesses through the return-to-work process. Why does your organization need a return-to-work playbook? What are the most critical reopening procedures that need to take place? And what can we do locally to help fight the spread of COVID-19 together? These questions and more will be addressed.

Episode 12: How to Leverage Your Data for a Smarter Enterprise Re-entry 

As enterprises contemplate the best approach to having employees resume working from corporate offices, the pool of questions continues to multiply. During this session, we will discuss best practices about how to capture contact tracing and thermal imaging data and incorporate it into your enterprise’s “new normal”. 

Discussion Topics to Include: 

  • How to enable easy visibility on proximity of COVID-19 positive individuals with other individuals 
  • How to identify existing data sources that can be used for analysis and reporting
  • How different aspects of your enterprise can benefit from the data analysis

Episode 11: UV Light & COVID-19: What You Need to Know 

As businesses reopen across the nation, companies are looking at different alternatives to keep their facilities clean and their workforces protected from COVID-19. Could UV light be the answer? Studies have shown that UV light can be used to kill airborne COVID-19 particles and disinfect surfaces, providing a viable alternative to chemical disinfection methods. On this episode of New Normal, we are joined by Michelle D'Souza, CEO of Unified Business Technologies, to discuss the effectiveness of UV light to kill COVID-19 and the products her company has developed for medical and non-medical applications.

New Normal Episode 10: Get Back to Work with COVID ClearPass 

Michigan businesses have been given the green light to get back to work – but with many new rules, guidelines, and processes to ensure worker health and safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Enter the free COVID ClearPass app from Red Level, which helps organizations fulfill many of these new safety protocols. 

On the next episode of New Normal, Automation Alley Vice President Cynthia Hutchison is joined by Jack LaPan, Red Level’s director of product, to discuss how Michigan businesses are using COVID ClearPass to manage employee queuing, waitlisting, contact tracing, real-time communications, and location capacity limits to stay in compliance with the state’s orders and the CDC guidelines. 

Help protect your workforce and your business.

Episode 9: COVID-19 Business Restart Considerations 

With so much uncertainty in the economy during this unprecedented COVID-19 health crisis, financial planning and communication are critical to any company's survival. On this episode of New Normal, Automation Alley is joined by Hitachi Business Finance President and COO Mike Semanco to discuss top financial priorities for businesses as they restart operations. 

Episode 8: Beyond the Technology: How COVID-19 is Transforming Talent Management 

Did you know two out of three workers are uncomfortable returning to work? And that 69% of employees say the COVID-19 pandemic has been the most stressful time in their professional careers?

From mandatory temperature checks and PPE to social distancing and reconfigured workstations, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to reopen with heightened workforce health and safety measures. But the corporate New Normal goes well beyond these tactical protocols. COVID-19 is impacting peoples lives and is forcing companies to reimagine their culture and team engagement.

Is your business prepared?

Join Automation Alley and Kelly for a discussion on the human side of the COVID-19 crisis. Learn about Kellys COVID-19 Redefining Work playbook, how it might be useful for your organization, and whats at risk for companies if they don't get it right.

Episode 7: Tools to Take Your Company from COVID-19 Playbooks to Action 

Running a business while navigating COVID-19 is the new normal. And while businesses begin to develop return-to-work strategies to survive and thrive, they may not realize that there are tools available to turn their COVID-19 mitigation playbooks into action. 

Join Automation Alley for another installment of “New Normal: Leveraging COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies to Build Future Innovation” as we welcome Alteris Group for a discussion of their new COVID-19 Compliance Coach app and how it’s empowering both business owners and employees during these uncertain times. 

Learn about the app’s health screening, response planning, training and reporting functions and discover how tools like COVID-19 Compliance Coach can ensure your business is better prepared for a safe return to the workplace. 

Episode 6: Working Safe: How to Digitize Your COVID Response 

Returning to work amid a global health crisis, those are words we thought we'd probably never hear. And yet, companies around the world are now tackling the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and attempting to open their doors as safely as possible.

This is complex and uncharted territory for all businesses, and is proving to be especially challenging for manufacturers, whose employees often work in close quarters and who have complex supply chains to manage. All eyes are on the manufacturing industry to get it right, as they are among the first sectors of the economy to reopen. Today, getting it right means using digital technologies to collect data on employee health, tracking and tracing potential outbreaks and communicating important information to your workforce.

Join Automation Alley for another episode of The New Normal: Leveraging COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies to Build Future Innovation as we are joined by Tech Mahindra to discuss their Work Safe digital return-to-work platform. Learn how digital strategies are helping to monitor employee health to keep people safe and ensure plants stay open.

Episode 5: How COVID-19 Will Accelerate Industry 4.0 & Real-time Intelligence 

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent a shockwave through the manufacturing industry, disrupting supply chains, halting production and, in some cases, shuttering factories altogether. This crisis has made it abundantly clear that Industry 4.0 technologies will be critical to the resilience of advanced manufacturing. In fact, their implementation will be accelerated as companies move to return to work in a new normal that will require enhanced health and safety measures.

Join Automation Alley and SRI for a virtual discussion on the importance of Industry 4.0 technologies in the era of COVID-19. Learn how smart and connected technologies are providing manufacturers with invaluable real-time intelligence, and why the need for these solutions is more important than ever.

Episode 4: Embracing Augmented Reality for a Safe & Efficient Restart 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shined a light on the need for technology solutions that will enable businesses to restart their operations in the safest and most efficient way possible. One of those solutions-augmented reality-will not only be essential to our recovery from COVID-19, but also our future production. Join Automation Alley as we welcome OPS Solutions for a look at how their Light Guide Systems visual work instruction software is playing a key role in our new normal work environments. Learn how this AR technology is empowering workers from the factory floor and operating room to the remote workplace.

Topics will include how augmented reality can assist in: 

  • Retraining for the Restart
  • Low-Density Operations
  • New Disinfection & PPE Requirements
  • Home-based Manufacturing 
  • Distributed Manufacturing 

Episode 3: A Q-and-A with Congresswoman Haley Stevens: Digital Transformation in a Post-COVID World 

Industry 4.0 technologies are more relevant than ever before, as manufacturers around the globe work their way through the COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis has proved that the companies best prepared for survival were those that had invested in digital technologies. In a post-COVID-19 future, Industry 4.0 technologies will play a crucial role in making companies more resilient, agile and prepared for future disruptions.

Automation Alley welcomes Congresswoman Haley Stevens for a discussion on how manufacturers can overlay emerging technologies into their existing operations to come out stronger during times of uncertainty.

Episode 2: How to Safely Re-Open Plants with Industry 4.0 

From 3D-printed personal protective equipment to artificial intelligence and machine learning tools that track and monitor the spread of COVID-19, Industry 4.0 technologies have been vital to the coronavirus pandemic global response. Now, the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are continuing to play a pivotal role in the safe re-opening of the manufacturing sector.

You're invited to Episode 2 of Automation Alley's new livestream series on COVID-19 mitigation strategies as we welcome member company SICK for a discussion about the advanced technologies manufacturers can implement today to have better outcomes for workers and their businesses in a COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 world. What happens when your supply chain breaks down? How can manufacturers overcome the current high demand and low supply of product? Topics will include:

  • Sensor solutions and analytics software
  • Safety and logistics solutions
  • Tracking, tracing and monitoring
  • And more

Episode 1: The Post Pandemic Workplace: Monitoring & Tracking Employee Health Using Industry 4.0 Technologies 

As companies recover from COVID-19 facilities shutdowns, most are unprepared for the monitoring and tracking of employee health required in the post-pandemic workplace. Adding to the challenge is the significant financial impact facing companies caused by the lengthy shutdowns.

Watch this virtual conversation featuring Cynthia Hutchison, Automation Alley's vice president, and Michael King, LHP's president of data analytics & IoT solutions, as they discuss LHP's latest technology solution to help companies get back to work safely. Combining health care data analytics with industry-leading Industrial IoT digital twin capabilities, LHP has created the Connected Workplace tool to help companies thrive in this critical recovery period.

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