4 tips for planning a stress-free and successful corporate event

By Diane DeForest | Automation Alley | 7/27/2016

Well-planned corporate events can help strengthen your brand, increase awareness of your cause, or promote your products, services or technologies. As a corporate event planner, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when the stakes are high and your event to-do list seems never-ending. But don’t fret; these simple tips will help you better manage your time, organize your tasks and keep you sane before, during and after event day. 

  1. Use technology: Before your event, simplify your processes by utilizing iPads and other tablet devices rather than binders full of paper. When it’s time for event promotion, your biggest audience is likely online, so why not use it to your advantage? Post your event to online calendars and use social media to help boost your attendance numbers. Make your posts engaging by using images and event teasers. Simplify on-site event registration and payment by using a Square credit card reader
  2. Make lists: In order for your event to run as smoothly as possible, try to brain dump the details and organize them into smaller lists. Doing so will transform what seems like an overwhelming project into smaller, more manageable tasks. Instead of paper lists, try using an online project planning system, like Trello. Grouping similar tasks into smaller buckets will help you stay organized and will make the planning process less stressful. Checking items off your list will give you a sense of accomplishment and will allow you to evaluate your remaining workload. Also, the more you write things down (or type them out), the less likely you are to forget about them. 
  3. Engage your attendees: If applicable, consider inviting event speakers, planning a panel discussion or hosting a Q-and-A with the audience. After the event, use voting or polling apps (like Survey Monkey and Wedgies) to gauge the event’s value to the attendees, and always remember to send a “thanks for attending” email with links to future events. 
  4. Be nimble: Understand that not everything will go as planned. You cannot control every detail, and knowing this going in will help alleviate some stress. Good event planners are able to adapt. They can recognize a bump in the road and adjust plans slightly on the fly. And, most likely, your guests won’t notice the difference. Remember you are your harshest critic. 
Diane DeForest is director of marketing and events for Automation Alley. In this role, Diane oversees all Automation Alley events, from education seminars and networking events to Automation Alley’s Awards Gala and Technology Industry Outlook. Diane is also responsible for all communication and marketing efforts on behalf of the organization.

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