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4 Ways Tariffs are Impacting Your Company's Accounting

By Gregory Herbster | UHY LLP | 3/4/2020

As the U.S.-China trade war continues to evolve, Gregory Herbster, senior manager at UHY, breaks down the potential impacts tariffs may have on a company’s bottom line.

3 Ways To Untether The Workplace

By Megan Robinson | NBS Commercial Interiors | 3/11/2020

Flexibility, mobility, choice and comfort are expectations of today’s workforce. With an increase in mobile workers, the desire to be untethered and agile has increased in demand. Traditional work environments feature fixed tools and furnishings that limit mobility and choice. This week on the blog, NBS discusses three ways to break free from the cords and static workplaces.

This week on the blog, Jim Meredith, HED’s national workplace strategy leader, discusses how the rapidly emerging technology known as generative design is bringing fundamental change to organizations doing product development work and the processes by which it’s done. As a consultant to many of America’s leading product development companies, Jim has planned and designed workspaces ranging from multi-million square foot automotive engineering centers to small startup labs.

Key Ingredients to Supply Chain Risk Management

By William Crane | IndustryStar | 3/25/2020

In today’s hyper-connected global economy, the response to supply chain risk has largely been reactive. Unmitigated risk can cause disruptions for a company’s supply chain. These are dynamic times where continuously reviewing supply chain risk is making the difference between company successes and failures. Developing a comprehensive Supply Chain Risk Assessment can help your organization identify potential failures in the supply chain. The five-step process below could prove invaluable in navigating our current two-pronged crises—the COVID-19 pandemic and 2020 recession.

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