Top 10 Industry Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

By Pavan Muzumdar | Automation Alley | 1/8/2020

You can find a podcast for just about anything these days. In fact, there are over 800,000 unique podcast shows available to the public and 54 million podcast episodes, according to the latest stats from Edison Research and Triton Digital. That number will continue to grow in 2020, as the platform becomes even more popular. This week on the blog, we're helping you cut through the noise by curating an essential list of industry-specific podcasts to entertain and inspire you in the New Year.

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How Mobility Suppliers Can Accelerate Program Launches

By William Crane | IndustryStar | 1/15/2020

William Crane is CEO of IndustryStar, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based on-demand supply chain services and software technology company that partners with mobility leaders to reduce cost, time and risk of bringing new vehicles, modules and components to market. This week on the blog, Crane discusses four practical applications of select Industry 4.0 tools and how to leverage them to accelerate your future program launches.

Go Modular: Taking Automation to New Places on the Factory Floor

By Stevan Dobrasevic | Bright Machines | 1/22/2020

Today, your factory floor can be as agile, flexible and innovative as you need it to be. This week on the blog, Stevan Dobrasevic of Bright Machines discusses how modular automation is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry and shares examples of how today’s leading companies are using this approach to their competitive advantage.

Are you ready for CMMC? Neither are we!

By Pete DiSante | Automation Alley | 1/29/2020

Is your company hoping to bid directly on any work for the Department of Defense this year? Then the time is now to ensure you are CMMC compliant! This week on the blog, Pete DiSante, Automation Alley's defense project manager, breaks down the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification and the steps your company can take to prepare for coming changes to how you do business within the defense sector.

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