Disruptive Technologies and Trends for Industry 4.0 in The Year Ahead

By Mike Szudarek | Marx Layne & Company | 12/2/2020

With 2021 on the horizon, a new year brings with it new levels of disruption and change. This week on the blog, Mike Szudarek of Marx Layne & Company shares with us some key trends that businesses in Industry 4.0 should anticipate and prepare to adopt in the coming year.

Four Talent Attraction & Retention Strategies for Finishing 2020 Strong

By Jack Van Tiem | Kelly Services, Inc. | 12/9/2020

There’s no way to sugarcoat this – these past six months have been the toughest for workers and employers since the Great Recession. We’re in Q4 of a year that for most of us presented unforeseen challenges and setbacks. Whatever ambitious goals your business may have had for 2020, they most likely went out the window some time in Q2. This week on the blog, Jack Van Tiem of Kelly discusses effective talent strategies to position your company for a more successful 2021 and set your business apart from competitors.

3 Ways to Retrofit Your Meeting Spaces to Enhance Virtual Collaboration

By Megan Robinson | NBS Commercial Interiors | 12/16/2020

As we return to our workspaces many of us are quickly realizing that the functionality of conference and huddle rooms may no longer be up to par given the new reliance on virtual collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx and other video conferencing software. The need to create effective spaces, whether enclosed or open, to support video calls with remote participants is essential today. This week on the blog, Megan Robinson of NBS Commercial Interiors brings us three ideas to retrofit your current meeting spaces to get individuals and teams up and running for virtual conference calls.

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