Posted on 4/1/2020

Above the Coronavirus Noise: What You Need to Know Now

As the North American Advanced Manufacturing Hub (AMHUB) for The World Economic Forum, Automation Alley is dedicated to continuously updating our members and stakeholders with important coronavirus information from The World Economic Forum’s global network of experts. With insights from the World Health Organization, the Forum and Automation Alley’s own leadership team, we’re striving to get beyond the noise to offer helpful information to keep you safe, healthy and in business.

Act now to avoid a meltdown: This is how much the coronavirus will cost the world's economy, according to the UN. Read more

Keeping the elderly safe: Why older people are high risk and helpful tips to keep them protected. Read more

Lockdowns work. Here’s why: How the young can halt the spread of COVID-19. Read more

Understanding the pandemic: Most COVID-19 transmission is from people who show no symptoms. Read more

Ventilators are in demand: Here’s how the world is responding. Read more

When might experimental drugs to treat Covid-19 be ready? A forecast. Read more

The Stimulus Package is here: Learn more about the biggest economic rescue paln in modern American history. Read more

The spread of solidarity: COVID-19 is bringing out the best in many people. Read more

That COVID-19 map could be a trap: Hackers are using them to spread malware. Read more

Come together and innovate in a time of need: Open-source project spins up 3D-printed ventilator validation prototype in just one week. Read more

Science matters: Imperial College London is offering a free Coursera class on COVID-19. Read more

Bosses speed up plans to automate: 41% of employers globally prepare for automation after the crisis. Read more

What happens after you recover from coronavirus? Studies differ on how long recovered patients will remain infectious. Read more

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