Above the Coronavirus Noise: What You Need to Know Now

By Automation Alley Staff | 4/1/2020

As the North American Advanced Manufacturing Hub (AMHUB) for The World Economic Forum, Automation Alley is dedicated to continuously updating our members and stakeholders with important coronavirus information from The World Economic Forum’s global network of experts. With insights from the World Health Organization, the Forum and Automation Alley’s own leadership team, we’re striving to get beyond the noise to offer helpful information to keep you safe, healthy and in business. Read more this week on the blog.

Designers: The Key to Business Resiliency

By Olga Stella | Design Core Detroit | 4/8/2020

Now more than ever, every business model, product and service is vulnerable. Not only are businesses impacted by new technologies, artificial intelligence, and automation, but also by new social and cultural contexts that no one could have imagined just a few weeks ago. Olga Stella of Design Core Detroit joins us on the blog to discuss how design skills and mindsets are the key to adapting business models, products and services that can function in this new context and the advantage Detroit has over other places.

How to Start Your Smart Manufacturing Journey

By Andreas Hassold and Matteo Dariol | Bosch Rexroth Corporation | 4/15/2020

We are living the Fourth Industrial Revolution; this is no buzzword anymore. Although executives across the globe have realized the importance of acting in a timely manner, defining the right path for an organization might still be a challenge. This week on the blog, Andreas Hassold and Matteo Dariol from Bosch Rexroth Corporation examine the lessons learned from their lean transformation over the past 20 years and how they apply to the digital transformation facing manufacturers today.

Regardless of a manufacturers’ unique experiences, they share one common unknown: how to prepare for the long-term implications of COVID-19. With an unprecedented event of this magnitude, even companies with the most robust crisis plans are grasping for models of what the future holds. Thankfully, technologists that work with data are now able to visualize and share how manufacturers are responding. Learn more this week on the blog from our contributors at Plex Systems.

How to communicate with employees, customers and the media during a crisis

By Mike Szudarek | Marx Layne & Company | 4/29/2020

With COVID-19 uprooting life for businesses and employees worldwide, and no determined end date, there’s a new normal for everyone. We are all in a major crisis that affects how we work, where we work, and how we communicate. Here are some key tips for businesses on managing communication with their employees, stakeholders and customers, and the media in this unique time. These tips can also be considered best practices for future crises.

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