November 2019

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Mettle Ops is warfighters serving warfighters. Our mission is to help soldiers survive on the battlefield. Through transparency and grit, Mettle Ops delivers multidisciplinary, comprehensive Department of Defense engineering solutions to government and industry partners on a national scale with a mission to build business based on a philosophy of hard work and dedication.

Stop! You don’t need an Industry 4.0 strategy

By Jerry Foster | Plex Systems | 11/6/2019

This week on the blog, Jerry Foster, CTO of Plex Systems, discusses how technology should be used as a tool, not an endgame while offering up his top three tips all manufacturers should consider to successfully adopt and benefit from Industry 4.0 technologies.

Industry 4.0: It’s Not Just for Manufacturers!

By Bryan Powrozek | Clayton & McKervey | 11/20/2019

The term Industry 4.0 conjures up images of high-tech factories filled with connected robots performing work previously performed by people. However, the technologies that are enabling this transformation are not just confined to the plant floor. They are being used throughout organizations to drive efficiency and improve operational performance. Their reach is even felt in the world or professional services. This week on the blog, Bryan Powrozek of Clayton & McKervey discusses what companies must consider before moving forward with new technologies.

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