June 2019

Recent years have seen Michigan’s economy grow consistently, with its manufacturing industry a main driver of this economic prosperity. The automotive sector has long been a cornerstone of Michigan’s economy, and to date remains the largest sector in its manufacturing industry. However, the automotive industry is experiencing rapid transformation: How can the state adapt to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and adopt the most relevant technologies at speed and scale to lead the transformation of the car industry, increase the state’s regional and global competitiveness and achieve sustainable growth?

Meet Automation Alley member Kundinger Controls and discover how this developer of customized smart technology parts and systems is utilizing Automation Alley as a platform to reach new clients and build its brand as an Industry 4.0 player.

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If you’ve ever watched professional racing, one of the first things you may notice is how closely the drivers follow one another. Running bumper to bumper is a strategic method known as drafting. It enables the driver to enter the leading car’s aerodynamic slipstream in an effort to reduce the drag force on the vehicle, using the distribution of air pressure to improve fuel efficiency. Can this racing technique apply to a motorist on the highway? Can drafting behind a big rig or semi-truck really improve a car’s fuel efficiency? This week on the blog, Jason Craanen and Nicolas Zagorksi of Altair, discuss how they tested out their theory from the safety of their computers using the company’s Virtual Wind Tunnel simulation tool to perform the experiment.

Industry 4.0: Transforming People, Processes, Technologies & Organizations

By Irene Petrick & Faith McCreary | Intel | 6/19/2019

Predictions about Industry 4.0 are everywhere. Autonomous machines will self-monitor and organize their own maintenance. Customized products will be built on highly flexible production floors that link to inventory systems, with just-in-time delivery of needed parts without human intervention. This week on the blog, Intel shares their insights into the organization changes needed for a successful Industry 4.0 transformation.

Representatives from 10 of Michigan’s largest aerospace suppliers, distributors and manufacturers traveled to the 53rd International Paris Air Show at Le Bourget Airport last week. The representatives spent time exploring ways to increase trade opportunities through a trade mission lead by Automation Alley in partnership with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. This year’s show was dominated by new technology. The top aerospace trends will be discussed on this week’s blog.

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