Posted on 10/17/2018

Why I Love Cold Calling and You Should Too

Alison Trumble

When you were a kid, did you dream of cold calling? Looking up all the information you can find on the internet and trying to build rapport with a stranger? Of course not. We want to be firemen, astronauts and doctors. Nobody dreams of a career in sales. In today’s culture, sales positions are abundant and, hey, anyone can sell right?

I went to school for marketing. Upon graduation, however, I learned quickly that every company and their mom were looking for salesmen- salesmen that, if good, could be making the big bucks in no time. That’s how it is always advertised right? Base salary with commission. You can make up to six figures in three years! Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Well after a few (successful and non) attempts at sales, I learned some things that can hopefully help you to make the big bucks.

Believe in your product/service

If you don’t 1000% support what you’re selling, you will hate it.  At my previous job, I was not behind what I was selling, and it showed in my attitude, my numbers and my paycheck. Don’t get me wrong, I had good days, but in the big picture I wasn’t learning, wasn’t happy, and I wasn’t helping myself or others. Now I am at a company where I am chomping at the bit to let people know what we do and how I can help. I am genuinely excited to get to work and call strangers!

Track and set goals

Without good data and tracking you will never figure out what works for you. Is it a call in the morning? At night? Maybe send emails and then set up a meeting. You need to get a good record of what you are doing and determine what is successful. You will start to notice a pattern. From there, you can create a successful plan and sales cycle based on your close rate.

Be persistent and confident

One of the hardest things about sales and cold calling is picking up the phone after getting rejected. One of the ways I combat this is persistence. My boss tells me, “Every no brings you closer to a yes, so ask yourself, “Did I hit my NO quota for the day?”” This is where you can set a goal and watch. As you call more and more, the yes’s go up and the no’s go down. Just keep at it.

Constantly Learn/Review

The only way your sales technique gets better is by learning and reviewing. After every call or meeting, go over how it went. What did you do right? What could have been different? Once you learn how you work best and what phrase really resonates with your customers, you’ll be on a roll.

Not everyone is going to have that salesman charm, but with practice and choosing the right steps, you can get there. I started off cold calling people asking for $25. Now I make sales that are far greater. It takes a little bit of persistence and hard work, but it is true, anyone can be a salesman!

About the Author

Alison Trumble | Automation Alley

Alison Trumble is Automation Alley's Business Development Representative. In this role, Alison is responsible for promoting Automation Alley to new and potential members as well as educating manufacturing and technology companies on Automation Alley’s Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Prior to her time at Automation Alley, Alison worked as the Media Public Relations Manager for MSU Greenline. She is a strong media and communication professional with a demonstrated history of working in the fundraising industry. Alison holds a bachelor’s degree in media and information from Michigan State University.


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