November 2018

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New Foundation Member Soothsayer Analytics builds solutions that are powered by AI and other smart algorithms, helping companies throughout the Midwest achieve data science success. See how they use their member benefits to grow their knowledge of Industry 4.0 and help other members keep up to date on industry trends.

12 Questions to Consider Before Embarking on a Data Science Journey

By Christopher Dole | Soothsayer Analytics | 11/7/2018

As the advanced and connected technologies of Industry 4.0 make their way into our daily operations, companies should consider how the use of Data Science can help them explain the unknown, optimize their business and predict the future. In anticipation of Soothsayer’s Data Science panel discussion and presentation at Automation Alley’s Integr8 conference on Nov. 14, here are 12 questions to consider before embarking on a Data Science journey.

Two years ago, Automation Alley launched its Industry 4.0 Assessment initiative in an effort to help companies with corporate strategy and direction during their digital transformations. In that time, we’ve uncovered some insightful trends from the Michigan tech and manufacturing companies we’ve assessed. During our assessments, we ask pointed questions and present back to the company what we’ve uncovered. In essence, our assessment holds up a mirror to the company. As one company put it, we clean and polish the mirror, so they see their true self.

Digitized production technologies are transforming business models and changing market structures. Concepts like Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things represent a paradigm shift in business and society, generated by a growing number of increasingly connected and automated devices, machines and products. This week on the blog, Fraunhofer USA discusses its Industry 4.0 initiatives as it approaches almost a quarter century in operation.

Think global. Leverage data. Be a lifetime learner. This week on the blog, we take a look back at the 8 most valuable takeaways from Automation Alley's global Industry 4.0 conference, Integr8.

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