July 2018

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Automation Alley added 12 new members in June. Click the link below to meet them.

Ensuring Workforce Readiness in the Era of Industry 4.0

By Jack Van Tiem | Kelly Services, Inc. | 7/11/2018

Step into a corporate boardroom or onto a shop floor, and you’re likely to hear the word “teamwork” uttered by leadership. Leveraging diversity of thought and skills to find smart solutions may not be a new concept, but it has increasingly become a necessary approach for employers and employees in today’s Industry 4.0-centered world. This week on the blog, Jack Van Tiem, Kelly Services' Detroit territory vice president, discusses this new generation of automation, information flow and data exchange in manufacturing and its major impact on job creation and elimination, business cost structures, processes and cultures.

Ghafari Associates, LLC may be new to Automation Alley, but the company is already seeing the benefits of membership. Learn more about this global engineering and architecture firm and how they’re leveraging Automation Alley membership to share ideas, form stronger client relationships and ultimately bring in more business.

Six Business-Boosting Social Media Tips to Live By

By Rose Lasser | Automation Alley | 7/18/2018

Over the past decade, the growing popularity of social media has had an immense impact on society. Social media controls the way we view ourselves, others and the world we live in. It’s become more than a casual activity, but a way of life—and a necessary communication tool for businesses. According to 2018 statistics, there are 2.20 billion Facebook users, 330 million Twitter users, 800 million Instagram users and 250 million LinkedIn users. With all that noise, how does a business separate itself from the pack? Here are some tips to take your social media presence to the next level.

The Impact of artificial intelligence on health care

By Noel Nevshehir | Automation Alley | 7/25/2018

In the Detroit News, Noel Nevshehir, Automation Alley director of international business services and Industry 4.0 strategic partnerships, shares his thoughts on the impact AI and big data are having on the health care industry. "From blockchain technology to surgical robots, medical experts worldwide agree that big data and artificial intelligence (AI) will play a key role in vastly improving health care quality and delivery. Aided by advances in sensor capabilities, computational power and algorithmic ingenuity, the pace of medical innovation is accelerating rapidly."

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